Number One

This isn’t my first blog, and probably won’t be my last.  Welcome to my musings on life, the universe and everything.  (Thanks, Douglas Adams, for giving me such a perfect summation of all that I’ll endeavor to cover here.)  Mostly it’ll be musings on writing, politics, food and fashion, with a helping of customer service rants (because I do those really well) mixed in for good measure.

I’m a Chicago-born twenty-something who has lived in Las Vegas a few years longer than expected, but my heart really belongs to D.C.  I’m a writer who mixes it up with some marketing/PR, the occasional corporate teaching of business writing and public speaking, and limited (very limited) graphic design.  I am, at times, a cynic, frequently humorous (dry, like a good martini), and always a capitalist.  I can’t stop myself from pointing out irony, and I drink tea, not coffee.  Also gin, but not scotch.


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