Jean Philippe Patisserie and the Nutella Brioche

Las Vegas is a popular place to visit, and I am frequently asked by friends and family to dispense recommendations for things to do and see while they are in town [a future blog will include my favorites].  Restaurants are my favorite thing to recommend, but there are so many exquisite places to dine in this city that it can be difficult to fit a good variety into a short trip, especially if my guests are on a budget. 

There is, however, one place that should never be missed on any trip to Las Vegas:  Jean Philippe Patisserie. 

Anyone in town for even a day can find time to pick up a treat at this decadent pastry shop, and it’s such a small-scale splurge that the only guilt to feel after indulging is about the calories consumed. 

Jean Philippe Maury’s original patisserie is in Bellagio and features the world’s largest chocolate fountain (Guinness-certified).  A new JP Patisserie opened in December in CityCenter’s new Aria Resort and is double the size of the original.  Each are equally special, so I’d recommend visiting both, but either will do if you’re short on time.

Both locations serve sandwiches and gelato, but skip right to the pastries at this place.  My favorite time to visit is in the morning, because JP’s breakfast pastries are fit for a king (Louis XIV?).  Pick your pleasure, but if your taste buds are anything like mine, just ask for a Nutella Brioche.  

The light, sweet bread is complemented by the perfect amount of gooey Nutella goodness for a morning treat like none other.  JP also offers a dulce de leche brioche filled with caramel or a sugared brioche for those who prefer no filling.  All three varieties are excellent, but I love all things hazelnut, so the Nutella version wins with me by a hair.  Paired with a nice breakfast tea (coffee, if you prefer; I’ve heard theirs is excellent), and I couldn’t be happier.

Visit in the late afternoon if you want to sample the more dessert-y (and award-winning) pastries–they’re great for an after-lunch indulgence.  I’ve tried several of the wide variety available each day and have never been disappointed. 

Diving into these pastries (breakfast or otherwise) while reclining casually (the JP at Aria has seats in it; at Bellagio grab one of the nearby chairs that line the windows outside the shop) takes me to another world–one where I might be able to haphazardly shop my way through Vegas’ luxury boutiques or not worry about the price of the wine I order with my gourmet dinner.  For under $10, what more could you want?


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