Cupcakes…Just Cupcakes

Cupcake bakeries seem to be popping up all over the place, and Las Vegas is no exception.  A crop of these cupcakeries has sprung up around Las Vegas, but my favorite is the newest of the bunch: Just Cupcake’s [sic].  It’s located in Centennial Hills at 6640 N. Durango Dr., and is totally worth the drive if you don’t live in the NW Valley.  For those in the neighborhood, well lucky you for living so close to these pint-size treats! 

For me, this shop (owned by the nicest couple you could meet!) delivers the two things I really want in a cupcake bakery: delish cupcakes (of course) and the place makes me feel special.  

Part of what I’m paying for, after all, is the experience.  There’s something about going into a cupcakery, standing at the counter and being able to choose whatever I want from a variety of artistic treats.  The payoff is knowing that whatever I choose will taste incredible. 

Unfortunately, I can’t say this of all cupcake bakeries in town.  Perhaps the most well-known in Las Vegas is The Cupcakery (which took the generic term for its proper name) and while this place delivers the experience, it does not deliver the taste.  The Cupcakery’s cupcakes are dry and artificial tasting (and the priciest in town!).  Cupcake Lane’s cupcakes also lack in flavor–the cupcakes here taste like what I pick up in a pinch at the grocery, and so why not then just go to the grocery store, which is more convenient and cheaper?  Retro Bakery is super cute and serves interesting flavors, but the frosting…the frosting is like chewing up a brick of butter and having it turn back into a brick in the bottom of your stomach.  And, I LOVE FROSTING.  I mean, I really, really, really love frosting.  More than anything else.  But I literally cannot finish a Retro Bakery cupcake because the frosting is just too much. 

But Just Cupcake’s?  Its cupcakes are fluffy and moist, with the perfect frosting to cake ratio (and the frosting melts in your mouth when you take a bite!).  My favorite flavor is the Bailey’s & Cream–it’s a chocolate cupcake with Irish cream buttercream that would do St. Patrick proud.  Other favorites include the Strawberry (real, fresh strawberries baked into the batter!), the German Chocolate, the Banana, and the Red Velvet.  And don’t feel shy about ordering the old standbys–Vanilla and Chocolate–they’re oh-so-good.  Or, mix it up with the Black & White, which is actually an old family recipe that was owners’ wedding cake! 

Vanilla, Chocolate, German Chocolate, Bailey's & Cream

I’ve ordered several dozens of Just Cupcake’s cupcakes for parties, and my guests go crazy for them!  Everyone wants to know where they’re from and how to get more!  The store has always happily accommodated my special orders–from mixing flavors to changing frosting colors.  

Just Cupcake’s is open Tuesday through Sunday (they’re closed on Mondays), so next time you’re in the area or just in the mood for a really excellent cupcake, check it out.  Your taste buds will thank you.


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  1. I love these guys! Great post!

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