A Quick Note on Healthcare Reform

It goes without saying that the healthcare reform bill that was passed this week has been the subject of much controversy.  My intention is not to further that controversy here, but to point out something of which everyone should be accutely aware. 

There is one thing about which I have not heard much discourse: most people seem to agree that the insurance industry needs to be reigned in somehow.  There is plenty of discussion about how this should be done, but I haven’t talked to very many people who think the government should ignore the way these insurance companies are treating their customers.

So while Democrats cheer the passing of this bill, it needs to be pointed out that the biggest winner of this bill is not the American people, it’s the insurance industry.  The bill forces every single person in this country BY LAW to become customers of the insurance companies almost everybody seems to hate. 

Thank you, Congress and President Obama, for demonstrating just how deep this lobby is into your pockets by passing a bill that will generate millions of dollars in revenue for an industry that makes it a standard business practice to act unethically and immorally. 

While I may not agree with the philosophy, I understand why liberals have been so eager for healthcare reform to be passed.  However, in their haste, have they only created a bigger problem?  Is this really the bill they wanted?  How many of them realize what they’ve really supported here?


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