The Best Pecan Pie in Vegas

I’m in the midst of a three-week detox (post on that to come), so it pains me to write about food right now, but I’ve been wanting to write this blog for more than a month–its delay is due to my starting a new job and taking a two-week vacation.  Let’s hope I make it through this without drooling all over the keyboard.

One of my favorite restaurants in Las Vegas is the Indian Curry Bowl, located in Centennial Hills at 5643 Centennial Center Blvd.  I know what you’re thinking.  Why is she writing about an Indian restaurant if this post is about pecan pie?  Stay with me, because I was thinking something similar when I saw pecan pie on the restaurant’s special menu.

Indian Curry Bowl is a new-ish and small restaurant that is owned by a very kind and talented family.  I’ve tried a good portion of the traditional Indian dishes that are on the menu and they’re all incredible–everything is made fresh and it tastes that way.  In fact, local Whole Foods Markets are now carrying the restaurant’s food!  I’m partial to the garlic naan, which I order as a side every time I’m there.

My husband and I went to Indian Curry Bowl for dinner in June and I noticed pecan pie on the special menu.  I mentioned to my husband that I found it odd to see pecan pie on an Indian restaurant’s menu, but before we finished our meal the owner convinced us to try his wife’s pecan pie, which he assured us would be the best we’d ever had.

Full disclosure: I don’t really like pecan pie.  I told the owner we’d take a piece to go and he suggested we get two pieces because one would not be enough.  I agreed for two reasons, the first being that he was so nice that I couldn’t bear to refuse him and, second, I figured that if we didn’t eat it, I would have helped pump a few more dollars into a local business.

Indian Curry Bowl's pecan pie

He brought out the pie to us in one to-go container and asked us to try a bite before we left; we obliged.  I almost leapt out of my seat this pie was so amazing!  It’s different from traditional pecan pie–beneath the pecan layer there is a fluffy cheesecake layer and beneath that a thin layer of custard.  This pie had a perfectly light but creamy texture and a vanilla flavor that complemented the pecans nicely.  The owner told us that his wife uses honey to sweeten the pie, which I appreciate because I’ve tasted some pecan pies that are so sweet they’re almost gritty; the sweetness in this pie was well-balanced.  This pecan pie was definitely the best I’ve ever had.

Not only did we devour both pieces before we ever left the restaurant, we took another piece home for later.  I’m embarrassed to admit we ate it before we went to bed that night!

It’s easy to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere at Indian Curry Bowl, its friendly service and the delish food.  It’s worth a drive to the northwest side of town for those that don’t live in the area, and for those that do, well, you might find it to be your new favorite neighborhood restaurant.


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