On Harry Reid and Sharron Angle

I’m not particularly pleased with any of my options for Senate in Nevada, and two days before the election I’m still unsure of who is getting my vote.

I do know it will not be Harry Reid.  He’s forgotten completely about Nevada since rising to leadership in the Senate, and now is not a good time for our representatives to have their focus anywhere but home.

Sharron Angle, I believe, has exercised poor judgment during her campaign, and it makes me wonder if she’ll continue her string of bad decisions if elected.

My inclination is to vote for a third-party candidate, but I realize that’s more a vote for Reid than anything else, and so I remain torn.

One thing I have considered is that Angle will be able to do far less damage in her six-year team than Reid.  If re-elected, Reid will return to D.C. with all of his current clout, probably more, and continue right where he left everything.  Angle, on the other hand, will be a junior senator, with little power and thus be able to accomplish less–good or bad–than Reid in the next six years.  So, while I absolutely dislike her, I feel she is likely to spend her term mostly impotent…other than adding a vote to the Republican side which, I admit, doesn’t upset me.

On a side note, I wish the Harry Reid volunteers would compare notes–they’ve called here no less than a dozen times and each time I tell them that we won’t be voting for Reid.  You’d think they’d stop calling here to remind us to vote, given they know we’ll be casting our votes against their candidate!




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3 responses to “On Harry Reid and Sharron Angle

  1. JayeB

    Don’t forget: when you vote for Sharron Angle’s side, you are also voting for the side that loves more tax breaks for the super-rich/less for the middle class (like eliminating the mortgage interest deduction), corporate bailouts, banning safe & legal abortions, spending more on military warfare, endorsing job outsourcing, and generally allowing the banking, insurance, pharmaceutical and oil industries to financially rape the average citizen on a daily basis.

    The current economy is like the scum that eventually accumulates on top of a stagnant pond, a pond that has been stilled by the trickle-down economic policies started in the 1980’s. All the money trickled up. More recently, Bush’s tax cuts for the rich removed Billions from the U.S. economy and put it into the pockets of 2% of the population and they don’t want to share.

  2. It’s interesting you mention the mortgage interest deduction, because it’s actually Obama (and his Congressional leadership team, which includes Reid) that just put killing that on the table, not the Republicans.

  3. JayeB

    Yes, but from what I’ve read, it was aimed at those with incomes of more than $250,000/year. The elimination of the deduction for *everyone* was actually an idea introduced back in the Bush administration but was quickly quashed by Congress. So here we have, again, Obama’s obsession with bi-partisanship where he’s always trying to give the Republicans something they’d like, but at least he tries to frame the bargaining chips in a way that doesn’t penalize the middle class. However, the GOP has been throwing an all-or-nothing tantrum for two years, intent on getting nothing done just to make Obama look bad.

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