I’m in the midst of the worse case of writer’s block I’ve had since 2004.  I don’t usually get writer’s block–I count myself fortunate for that–so I’ve never really developed any methods for getting through it.  I thought I’d give blogging a shot in the event that writing something, anything, would help me drag myself through the black pit that is currently my creative brain.

I’m supposed to be writing a script for a three-minute internal communications video.  THREE MINUTES.  That’s IT.  I’ve written much longer scripts!  I’ve written ridiculously longer stories, reports, chunks of novels, etc.! 

Here’s the root of my problem: one of my writing quirks has always been that I can’t write anything else until I have my lead, my first line, the epic beginning of whatever is to follow.  I don’t have an opener for this and it’s clogging up everything else that’s swimming around my head.    

I suppose this is an occupational hazard.  Accountants don’t come into work and forget how to navigate their spreadsheets.  Yet here I sit, the writer unable to write. 

Was it Hemingway that said he most feared a blank sheet of paper?


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