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New fav treats: Popcorn and Caramel

I could not have asked for a more perfect Christmas this year!  With plenty of help from my dear mom, I pulled together a delish meal (starring beef tenderloin) for a crowd of family on Christmas Eve.  Following dinner, I unwrapped a huge haul from Crate & Barrel and a new Kindle (complete with a fabulous DVF cover!), and got to see my family’s smiling faces as they unwrapped their gifts.  Christmas Day brought more festivities: more family, more food, more presents!  And Sunday, perhaps best of all, I got to sleep in.  Ah, life’s little luxuries.

Speaking of little luxuries, this holiday season introduced me to two new indulgences that I think make absolutely perfect gifts.  These all-natural, edible treats are great for holiday gifts (as I received them), but I think they’re also perfect for the hostess with the mostest, your neighbor who picked up mail while you vacationed, your favorite client or child’s teacher, or…well, yourself, because believe me, one bite and you’ll be hooked.

Popcorn from Popcornopolis. 
One of my BFFs sent me a collection of Popcornopolis’ popcorn as a Christmas gift this year, and I admit I’d never heard of the company until the perfectly wrapped packaged arrived on my doorstep.  O-M-G.  I repeat, O-M-G.  Seriously, people, this is the best popcorn you’ll ever eat.  My gift included tubes of Caramel, Kettle, Cheddar Cheese, Cinnamon Toast and Zebra.  I am hard-pressed to tell which was my favorite, because they were all so incredibly delicious, but the Cheddar and Zebra probably topped my taste buds.  (One kernel of Cheddar and one kernel of Zebra eaten together creates the perfect savory-sweet combo, by the way.)  My mom and I chowed down on all of these at a pace I’m embarrassed to admit and even my hubby, who really dislikes popcorn, took the tube of caramel for himself and made it disappear at a rate that would make even David Copperfield blink twice.

An assortment of popcorn from Popcornopolis. (Credit: Popcornopolis)

 Aside from my husband, who doesn’t like popcorn?  And who doesn’t like popcorn so delectable that even a person who dislikes popcorn would fall in love with it?  Bottom line: this is such a wonderfully simple and pleasing gift, that I’m ashamed I wasn’t the first to discover it!  Also, it’s way better (and way better for you–no chemicals!) than the stuff served at movie theatres, so if you’re buying a gift be sure to order some for yourself to have on hand for your next trip to the cinema (OK, or for breakfast, lunch, dinner and a midnight snack). 

Buy online at http://www.popcornopolis.com/.

Caramels from Good Karmal.
A box of these transcendently tasty caramels came to my office from a vendor this holiday season, and I couldn’t believe such flavor could be packed into such a small treat! 

Good Karmal’s preservative-free caramels are soft, buttery and literally melt in your mouth.  You can choose from vanilla, sea salt, chocolate sea salt, pomegranate, espresso, green apple and chipotle, or get an assortment of all flavors.  Sea salt was my favorite, with pomegranate and green apple close behind.  Don’t discount the chipotle, which offers a unique bite without overwhelming the palate. 

Carmel assortment by Good Karmal. (Credit: Good Karmal)

I consumed too many of these for my own good, but once I started, I couldn’t stop eating them!  They are packaged so artfully, that even a non-sweet eater would enjoy having these out on a table for guests.  Each of the caramels’ wrappers features a very cool treat of its own: a unique inspirational quote, adding to the personality of the gift.  They’re good quotes, too–I have two wrappers saved on my desk to keep the wise advice close by while I work. 

Available online at http://www.goodkarmal.com/.

I hope you enjoy these treats as much as I did, and I hope you find much happiness in gifting them (to others and yourself!) in 2011.  Happy (early) New Year!


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