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Wikileaks: I want the real story

I understand why Julian Assange and Wikileaks have been leading the news for the last several weeks.  But in all of these news stories, I’ve seen one rather glaring omission:  where is all the coverage on why and how these leaks happened in the first place?

There would be no Wikileaks without the leaks, after all. 

Make no mistake, I do not condone the posting of this classified information; I’ve worked in many positions, including for the government, that required the utmost discretion in handling certain information.   Perhaps it is because of my experience that I am far more concerned with plugging the leaks on the government’s end than shutting down Assange. 

What is being done to stop the leaks?  Are government employees getting remedial training in the importance of keeping classified information classified?  Is this a failure of employment screening processes/investigations?  How can a source hemorrhage so much information before it knows it’s bleeding and take some action to stop it? 

I’m not saying the government isn’t on top of all of these things.  I’m not saying that these leaks are the results of gross institutional failures.  What I am saying, however, is where is all the reporting on it?


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